Our story started in 2015 when we first started working together. We had only known each other for a few days before we started planning our first adventure. Eight months later, on the 19th of April 2016, we started our first Greenland crossing from Kangerlussuaq on Greenland’s west coast. Twenty days later, we reached Isortoq on the east coast, and our first big adventure was over. This was the start of a much bigger dream. We were convinced that the next expedition would be to the South Pole, but on the other hand, we wanted to do more than just another ski trip. Our passion for skiing and for Norwegian polar history has motivated us to do more.

We knew that a trip to the South Pole would simply be one more step to reach the big goal, which was to do the longest unsupported and unassisted skiing expedition ever done. Therefore, we told ourselves: why not just get on with it? Who actually holds the record for the longest unsupported and unassisted ski expedition today is not easy to say, but we can say it is a place between 1800-2200 km. We want to raise the bar, and challenge what is physically possible. Therefore, the 3000 km has become a golden number for us. The distance makes this expedition different from anything else that has ever been done because it requires innovative solutions on every aspect of planning, preparations, and execution. We are doing this to honor the Norwegian polar heroes and our role models Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Liv Arnesen, Børge Ousland, Rune Gjeldnes, Torry Larsen, Bengt Rotmo, Cecilie Skog and Aleksander Gamme. Because of what these people have done, it is important to us that this record also in the future belongs to Norway.


Jostein Sirevåg

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Johan Løvrød

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