Say hi to Lars Ebbesen; expedition mogul, optimist, advisor

Meet the legend Lars Ebbesen aka "the mother of all expeditions”.

Lars is our expedition advisor. He has had something to do with almost all record holding expedition done by Norwegians during the last twenty to thirty years. The other day, we listened to a presentation Lars did at Sportsnett in Oslo. He talked about the expeditions they offer in Ousland Explorers, before answering questions the audience had concerning winter expeditions. It was during the introduction he was called "the mother of all expeditions", which isn't far from the truth. You might ask yourself: who is this legend?


Lars has eleven trips across Greenland, and he has been to the South Pole. He also fell in the lead on his way to the North Pole, and several trips to the Andes and Himalaya - and there is more. Lars started the expedition company "Hvitserk" back in the days, where he helped several other companies in this branch to make a name for themselves. Lars has been helping us since the start of our planning. He is a bit crazy, untraditional, innovative and an optimist - making him perfect for the Breaking3000 team.


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