First coordination meeting with the Professor of Glaciology, Alun Hubbard.

Last Thursday we got a visit from Professor Alun Hubbard. He had been working at the university in Tromsø for a while, and fortunately managed to stop by Oslo before heading back to UK.

For those of you that didn't read the blog post about Alun, he is a professor of glaciology, and have over 150 articles to his credit.

It was good finally finding the time to sit down together and talk about the expedition. We got to share our vision on how Alun can participate in this project - and he got to share his thoughts about how we can support his science while we are on Greenland. We will most likely be taking ice samples during the expedition, but we haven't found out exactly how this ought to be carried out yet. What is very interesting is that there seems to be a lot of crucial undiscovered information in parts of the ice cap where we will be going. Alun is now looking for possibilities to make the gear needed for taking samples of the ice light enough for us to carry. Innovating the equipment will make it easy for us to take samples in the tent and send the information back home.

Along the way, Alun will also contribute with his wisdom in our content to make sure our expedition also impacts the common knowledge about the environmental aspect - which is important to us.

We will make sure to keep you updated on this matter.


Jostein SirevågComment