A quick update on the latest news

Hi, there. All good? We sure hope so!

Time flies when a lot is going on, which it currently is. Exciting news continues to reach us, which makes us feel even more assertive about our mission. Again; thank you for all the support!

A week ago we had our first meeting with Remote Health International, the team that will make sure we are equipped for any unforeseen health issues while on our expedition. Re-med will provide us with the necessary training before hitting the ice, they will also be our landline if anything should happen along the way.

Other great news is that DNX - Dagens næringslivs creative agency, has taken us on. That means they will coordinate commercial activities, and help us tell our story through great content while we focus on our training and overall planning.

On talk about training, Finse 1222 recently became a friend of our expedition. Since Finse is one of the closest places you get to polar conditions in Norway, we will be doing a lot of our testing and training over there. Finse 1222 will make sure we sleep and eat well.

Breaking_woods (1 of 1)-54.JPG

We could say a lot more about these three, which we will in the weeks to come. For now, we just wanted to keep you posted while at work up north.

Talk to you soon!

J & J

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