Finse 1222 and chasing polar erudition

The only way to get there is by train or on skis, mountains all around - no roads leading in. Nansen trained there, modern-day explorers still do. It´s one of the few places in this country that resemble polar areas. In all the white, the snow and the ice, Finse 1222 is to be found. A historic hotel that hosted us for a couple of days while filming the first sequences for our upcoming video project. 


Further down the road, Finse will be one of the places where we put our psychics and gear to the test. It´s raw - and like one of the hotel owners Trygve Norman said during our talk with him; it´s as real as it gets. Ironically, the weather was magical this time around — pure bluebird, not a single cloud in sight. Sking up Hardangerjøkulen mountain in the sunshine was a rich experience, so was learning about the history of Finse and talking about our expedition heroes surrounded by the area where they tried and failed until perfection.


During our talk with Trygve, Norwegian mentality became a topic. At Finse explorers from all around gather regularly, sharing their lessons learned, prepping each other as well as beginners. There is something unique about that, the willingness to help others succeed with their missions even though this is a somewhat competitive field. In a lot of countries, knowledge is a superpower one does not share. For us, learning from all the experienced people who are willing to have a chat, is extremely valuable. Sure - we have been hiking and skiing in all kind of conditions, we´ve crossed Greenland, but none of that can compare to the test Breaking 3000 will put us trough. Talking to and learning from as many wise people as possible is one of our main focuses at this moment in time - the same goes for passing the learnings on through our different channels. Many thanks to everyone who has been generous with us so far.

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At the time of writing, we have returned to Oslo to finish up our bachelor’s degree. Next landmark for Breaking will be sailing by Greenland with Alun Hubbard this summer to learn more about what is happening with the ice cap. Until then; stay tuned for video from Finse and other news along the way. 


 Have a mighty fine Easter!

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