Still going strong

It's been quiet from us for a while, but no worries, Breaking 3000 is still on the right track.

Today we met with Thomas Waldow, the medical doctor and head of operations in Remote Health International (RHI). RHI will provide us with medical testing, education, equipment, and guidance throughout the whole planning process and expedition.

RHI has a broad experience in providing these services for companies and private parties operating in different remote areas. Their office is in Sandnes, Jostein's hometown in Norway. So far, we have met Christian Gorgas and Thomas Waldow from RHI, and we feel fortunate to have gotten professionals like this to help us with the health and medical aspect of the expedition. Their competence and experience are crucial to our project. Later on, we will go deeper into how they will serve us while on our test expeditions and through Breaking.


Thank you for today's meeting, Thomas!

We look forward to co-operating with you guys throughout this journey.

PS: we are currently setting our schedule for the upcoming fall.
There will be loads of action, so stay tuned.

Until then - have a great summer!

Johanne HoffComment